Stem Cell Therapy for CKD

Dhaka patient came to India for CKD treatment

Hamidul Islam from Dhaka: I was diagnosed with a kidney disorder five years ago. I was suffering from several problems. I referred many doctors, but everything went in vain. In April 2018, I was put on dialysis, but my health was not much improved. Although I was able to be more active, my condition was not improving as supposed. I had low iron and Hb, and also, my vitamin d levels were deficient. Then, from a friend, I got to know about Stem Cell Therapy Center India. They began my treatment through Stem Cell Therapy for CKD in India.

The concerned doctor inoculated Stem Cells which as per the research aids the patient in lowering their creatinine, eGFR, and potassium level. After 3-4 months of the treatment, my dialysis frequency got reduced significantly. Now I am very happy with the treatment at Stem Cell Therapy Center India for Kidney Disease.

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