Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in India

What is Autism?

Stem Cell Therapy for autismAutism is the sum of developmental disorder during which the primarily affected portion is abnormalities in communication & social interaction. The rationale for these abnormalities is found to be a decline in oxygen supply to a selected part of the brain or autoimmune diseases like the inflammatory condition of the gut. Scientists have found that genetic factor is additionally related to it.

Scientists have found that the sign and symptoms start appearing at the age of three, Distinguished as debilitated social interaction and impaired verbal communication, and indulgence in monotonous behavior. All body functions are controlled by the neurons, which are the backbone of the Nervous System. The neurons give signals to the entire body. The Nervous System is expanded everywhere to speak with the body parts and coordinate the brain and body. The brain gives impulse to the body parts through the neurons. The impulses visit the target body parts. An insulant cell roofs the neuron. These protective cells protect the neurons from trauma. When these protective cells degenerate or die, the neuron is exposed and susceptible to outer trauma, which hampers the neuron’s functioning. These cells can degenerate or die thanks to factors like the decreased oxygen supply to those cells or the external injury; in many cases, the genetic factors are involved.

Is Autism Cell Treatment safe?

  • Stem cells are known to possess the function of Neurogenesis which suggests the repair and regeneration of neurons, thanks to which doctors prefer stem cell therapy to treat children with Autism.
  • The intravenous infusion of stem cells to the patient improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain (improved perfusion); it also restores damaged neurons and stimulates the formation of the new blood vessels.
  • it also accelerates brain function by developing synaptic signalling and, therefore, the development of the latest neuronal connections.
  • With the doctor’s approval, the source is set from which stem cells are to be collected .patient are often prescribed stem cell Tissue, as these cells are the closest Auto logos sources available within the body.
  • However, in some instances, both cells are often utilized for a far better outcome. Doctors also can suggest Stem cell stimulation therapy for a few of the patients, depending upon the case and requirement. Therefore Stem cell Therapy for Autism is proven to be an efficient Cure.

What are the advantages of Autism Stem cell Treatment?

  • Improved verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Improved social interaction.
  • Improved learning ability.
  • Improved mental development and skill.
  • Improved muscular tonus.
  • Reduced repetitive and struggling behaviour.

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Is Autism Stem cell Treatment more expensive?

With India’s long walks towards growing world’s largest healthcare provider, it is the most favoured destination for patients Looking for low-cost stem cell therapy. Indian specialists and healthcare professionals are famous around the world for their skills as many of them hold high ranks in the leading hospitals of nations like the USA and UK. The reason why foreign patients choose to undergo stem cell therapy in India is that although they are charged with an affordable cost of treatment, they are treated in one of the best medical institutes. The Cost of stem cell therapy treatment in India is usually about a tenth of the costs prevailing in advanced countries like the US and UK and are significantly more affordable compared with even other medical travel destinations like Thailand. Thus India is an ideal destination for patients who are seeking to receive therapy abroad.

Starting at $5000 onwards, the Cost of stem cell therapy in India may change as per the severity of the condition; however the same therapy costs around $ 25000- $40000 in western nations like the USA and UK.

The final costs offered to the patients is based on their medical reports and is reliant on the current medical status of the patient, type of room, type of therapy, hospital brand and the surgeon’s expertise.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Success rate in India

The success rate of stem cell therapy procedure for Disease depends on the patient’s medical condition, the extent of the disorder, and various other medical circumstances.

As per our experience, we have observed our previously treated Patients achieving the highest success rate over time depending upon their medical circumstances.

You must know that there is no perfect 100% cure for the disease with any other therapy option. However, Stem Cell Therapy gives new hope for improvements to such cases as it is a completely non-invasive, safe method with zero risks and no side effects.

Stem Cells have the power to reverse the condition and replace the Damaged and affected cells leading to the Improvement and growth of fresh new healthy cells, which will eventually lead to the Restoration of the damaged tissues/muscles/ cells /nerve.

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