Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular in India

Chest pain, tingling sensation in arms, shortness of breath, and tiredness in a daily activity like running and playing are signs that your heart may be affected by cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are like the shed. The number of conditions is associated with heart malfunctions such as hypertension, high blood pressure, chest pain, numbness, shortness of breath, declined stamina are all related to cardiovascular diseases.

Our heart is the most vital muscular organ in the body. The heart is constantly transporting blood, making the heart to work all the time. The heart needs blood supply and oxygen to perform continuously nonstop. A heart attack occurs when a blood clot blocks blood flow to the heart—the lump created by accumulation of the calcium flakes or the fat tissue deposition.

Due to the innovation of stem cell therapy, it is now very simple to treat cardiovascular diseases without the involvement of surgery. Cut stem cells stop the damage caused by the deposition of flakes and fatty deposits and reverse the damage caused by deposition. The stem cells can be grown into any cell of the body in vitro, these cells are designed as the new heart cells and easily replaces the damaged or dead cells.

stem cell therapy foir cardiovascular

Symptoms of Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Breathlessness
  • Chest pain
  • Shortened breath
  • Lightheadedness
  • Upper body discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Severe pain originating from the chest to arms

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases with the Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cells are injected in the patient’s body intravenously after specifying the stem cells. Stem cells then develops into the cardiac muscle cells and replaces damaged and degenerated cardiac muscles. In this way, the damage caused to the muscle by the lack of oxygen supply and the blood supply is reversed, and the clogged portion of the blood vessels are slowly cleared due to the action of stem cells; therefore, now there is no hampering in the functioning of the heart. After the therapy, the patients are observed in the observation facility. Then the patients will notice that their chest pain is gone, and their breathing is now normal. The changes include that now there is no difficulty in daily activities like running and climbing stairs.

Results after the Treatment

Many patients treated by our stem cell therapy program at stem cell therapy center India have reported having no chest pain, and now there is no shortness of breath noticed. Also, a noticeable increase in the stamina. Emotional stability is one of the factors that appeared after stem cell therapy. A number of patients with cardiac complications have chosen stem cell therapy by our team of doctors patients were put on observation by our team of experts nearly 98i% of the patients have successfully shown betterment in the condition of cardiovascular function almost all of them have reported having no chest pain at all.

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Cost of Stem cell Therapy for Heart Diseases in India

Stem Cell Therapy is a very complex remedy process. As the price of stem cell therapy is not regulated in the maximum number of countries, human beings around the world pick India. India is the hub of clinical tourism for its highly Affordable Stem Cell Treatment. The Stem cell therapy price in India is appreciably much less of what it’d price in western countries of the sector, in conjunction with the ready duration and prohibitive logistic price.

Various Stem cell Centers across India provide stem cell therapy for Heart Disease. The cost of Stem Cell therapy for Heart Disease in India ranges from $5800 – $8200 depending on the quality of stem cell treatment. The final cost of Stem cell Procedure for Heart Disease is based on the seriousness of the patients, the patient’s medical Background, Stem Cell center and services types, and also the expertise of the Doctors.

The treatment price for stem cell therapy is based upon different factors just like the type of stem cell treatment, the number of stem cells required, type of stem cells, health centre stay and pre-treatment investigations, etc.

The less expensive pricing of Stem Cell Treatment in India is likewise an element that offers a brand new ray of desire to the patients who require Stem Cell Therapy. Stem Cell Therapy Treatment price in India is appreciably less expensive, but its clinical offerings are top-notch with International Medical requirements and state-of-the-art technologies.

What is the Success Rate for Heart Diseases Stem Cell Therapy?

Given the advancements made in healthcare in India, the success rate for stem cell therapy in India is no different from that in any other developed country. There is about a 60% to 80% overall success rate in the treatment of stem cell therapy in India and worldwide. Though, success rates vary depending on the disease being treated, the medical facility conducting the therapy, and the patient’s condition. To receive a complete report, you will have to ask the medical institutes and request specific questions concerning the patient’s condition. But, with its cost benefits and enhanced success rate in given treatments, India poses to be the best place for Stem Cell therapy for all foreign patients.

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