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chronic-kidney-OverviewChronic kidney failure, also called chronic kidney disorder (CKD), Is a condition during which kidney functioning decreases slowly but steadily. Chronic kidney failure may be a slow process that matches on for months or years, and therefore the kidneys slowly pack up.

The kidneys’ primary function is to get rid of waste from the body by filtering blood and stop toxins and toxic material from piling up within the bloodstream. They also secrete hormones that are essential to regulate other body functions. Chronic Kidney diseases occur when someone is affected by a slow, gradual, and ultimately permanent kidney function loss throughout your time. A chronic Kidney disorder is one of the diseases affecting many of us of civilization.

Transplantation of the kidney gives a ray of hope for a cure, but many patients die due to the shortage of organ availability; those that are ready to get a transplant to have the danger of immune rejection.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped filtering organs positioned at the rear side of our body. They’re made from minute structure, also referred to as Nephrons. These nephrons are the building block of the kidney and also a key regulator necessary for the normal functioning of the kidneys. They filter blood, retain back its normal salts, mineral contents and take away toxins out of the body through urine.

Damage caused to those nephrons, as just in most kidney disorders, may hamper the kidney function to intense limits giving out an alarming signal.


Treatment Procedure

Stem cells are known to possess various applications in Chronic Kidney Disorder (CKD). They have the power to regenerate and repair glomerulus, interstitium, blood vessels, and tubules, the four essential components of the renal structure, and may also reverse symptoms of CKD. Stem cells secrete protective and nutrient factors that halt the apoptosis of living cells and stimulate kidney cells’ replication.

Stem cells are the body cells that will be differentiated into any cell type depending upon proper stimulation. This property of stem cells is often wont to cure a spread of medical problems. From the research and data available from various medical cases, it’s been observed that Stem cells, upon injecting into the patient’s body, can release some proteins, growth factors and cytokines, to stimulate the expansion of kidney cells and proximal tubular epithelial cells. tons of research remains under trial to prove that stem cells can stop the progression of the disease


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What is the Cost of Chronic renal disorder surgery in India

Stem cell therapies have become very famous in past years, as the patients are exploring the most advanced alternative treatments for their diseases. More and more varieties of treatments are being proposed every day, and people around the world are choosing them and rejecting traditional regimens of drugs and clinic appointments. But, notwithstanding the large surge in requests for stem cell therapies, they remain to be very costly to try. Even single joint injections can cost nearly $8000 and more difficult treatments can rise to $100,000

depending on the condition. So, why are stem cell therapies so expensive?

Stem cell therapy cost can be affected by:

  • The type of stem cells used
  • Where the treatment is being done
  • If the cells have been culturally expanded
  • If the cells are ethically sourced, viable & regulated
  • Where the lab is inhabited (for cell expansion)

It is also beneficial to note that the cost of stem cell therapy will vary depending on the type of stem cell treatment needed. Stem cell therapy cost for knees treatment may differ from stem cell therapy cost CKD. The area and concern being treated should generally affect the cost of the associated procedure because different types of cells, cell counts, and treatment rules will be obliged. For example, an effective stem cell therapy treatment cost for CKD will be different than the cost of a site injection for a cosmetic procedure.

Yes, it does, and that is very reliant on the lab where the cells are acquired from, the total number of stem cells supplied, and the regulations the governing body places on the clinic. For example, stem cell therapy costs in the United States will differ from stem cell therapy costs in the U.K, Europe, and India. For example, Stem Cell Therapy Center India uses stem cells sourced from their associate lab in India. This means that Stem Cell Therapy Center India utilizes cells that are highly monitored by the Indian government.

From the logistics end of view, India holds an excellent geographical position, and therefore, it is very easy to reach India from any International Airport in the world. And the cost of stem cell therapy in India is significantly less, but the facilities are top-notch. The expert doctor performs therapy in our stem cell center situated in the Major cities of India.

The pricing of stem cell therapy treatment in India is around 70-90% less than what it would cost in other countries.

Success rate

Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Kidney Success rate in India

Traditional medications for various diseases are observed not to be effective in treating different degenerative diseases. They can offer rehabilitative methodologies, such as physiotherapy and audio-speech therapy accompanied by some steroidal treatment. But, it should be noted that long-term contact with steroidal drugs can be hazardous, inducing degeneration of numerous primary organs.

It is astonishing to note that the adult human body has multiple adult sources that stock some reserved portion of adult stem cells, which can effortlessly be used for several disorders. Clinical studies have assessed that various diseases can be treated with the help of stem cells, such as osteoarthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, metabolic illnesses, etc. The majority of these sicknesses are related to structural loss of various tissue-specific cells, leading to their terminated coordination with other body organs.

According to the gathered data so far, more than practically 80 disorders can be cured with the help of stem cells, and so the stem cell therapy success rate in India is very high.

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