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Stem Cell Therapy multiple sclerosisA person affected by Multiple sclerosis (MS) fails to steer on their own or in the least. Many people experience long terms of helplessness. During this condition, the insulating sheath of nerve cells within the brain and medulla spinalis gets damaged. It is a part of the Nervous System losing its capacity to function well. This causes the patient physical, mental, and in some cases, psychiatric problems. They are resulting in permanent neurological dysfunction because the disease advances.

In our central Nervous System, a posh network of cells is presently referred to as neurons, transmitting signals from the brain to focus on the body’s organs. Neuron cells are covered with an insulating sheath to guard them against trauma and injury. This covering material is called myelin sheath; the damaged or torn out medullary sheath forms connective tissue or sclerosis, which provides the disease its name. In typical cases, people with MS could also be in danger of 1 of 4 disease courses, which will be mild, moderate, or severe. MS signs and symptoms are often variable from person to person and unpredictable. It’s known that two people will experience different symptoms, even for that matter; each person’s symptoms won’t even be equivalent, but they’re going to fluctuate over the amount.

Treatment Procedure

Multiple sclerosis has been an untreatable disease as of now. The traditional treatment only recovers a patient from symptoms, but Stem cell therapy recovers from MS attacks faster, modifies the administration of the disease, and manages symptoms.

The conventional treatment only treats Multiple sclerosis (MS) Symptoms primarily by involving some oral medications to offer relief from the matter or urge relief from relapse followed by rehabilitation like physiotherapy or physical therapy, etc. However, the purpose here of being noted is that although patients are becoming some relief from these treatments, it’s impossible to remove the diseased condition altogether. Therefore, the patient has got to stay within the same condition forever. Recently 100% of the cases of MS are connected with a chronic disease referred to as CCSVI, which stands for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency.

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What is the Cost of MS surgeries in India?

Stem cell therapies have grown very popular in recent years, as the patients are seeking the latest alternative therapies for their many conditions. More and more types of treatments are being offered every day, and people around the world are shifting to them and rejecting conventional regimens of drugs and hospital visits. But, despite the large surge in demand for stem cell therapies, they continue to be very costly to pursue. Even simple joint injections can cost nearly $8000 and more advanced treatments can rise to $100,000

depending on the disease. So, why are stem cell therapies so expensive?

Stem cell therapy cost can be affected by:

  • The type of stem cells administered
  • Where the therapy is being performed
  • If the cells have been culturally expanded
  • If the cells are ethically sourced, viable & regulated
  • Where the laboratory is located (for cell expansion)

It is also essential to note that the cost of stem cell therapy will fluctuate depending on the type of stem cell treatment needed. Stem cell therapy cost for knees treatment may differ from stem cell therapy cost for Multiple Sclerosis. The area and concern being treated should usually affect the cost of the associated therapy because different types of cell, cell counts and treatment protocols will be obliged. For example, an effective stem cell therapy treatment cost for MS will be different than the cost of a site injection for a localized pain procedure.

Yes, it does, and that is highly reliant on the lab where the cells are acquired from, the total number of stem cells administered and the regulations the governing body places on the clinic. For example, stem cell therapy cost in the United States will differ from stem cell therapy costs in the U.K and Europe. For example, Stem Cell Therapy Center India uses stem cells sourced from their partner lab in India. This means that Stem Cell Therapy Center India uses cells that are highly regulated by the Indian government. From the logistics point of view, India holds a great geographical position and therefore it is very easy to reach India from any International Airport in the world. and the cost of stem cell therapy in India is very less, but the services are top-notch. The expert physician performs treatment in our stem cell centre located in Major cities of India.

the pricing of stem cell therapy treatment in India is somewhere around 70-90% less of what it would cost in other countries.

Stem Cell Therapy for MS success rates in India

The success rate of stem cell therapy treatment for Disease depends upon the patient’s medical condition, the extent of the disease, and various other medical factors.

As per our experience, we have observed our previously treated Patients attaining the highest success rate over time depending upon their medical conditions.

You must understand that there is no absolute 100% cure for Disease with any other treatment alternative. But, Stem Cell Therapy provides new support for improvements to such patients as it is not only a non-invasive but also a safe method with zero risks and no side effects.

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