Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis in India


stem cell therapy OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is most common type of arthritis; it’s a disorder that mainly affects joints’ cartilage. Cartilage may be a lubricated tissue covering the joints’ bones to permit a friction-free movement; by lubricated joints, the cartilage also acts because of the shock.

When the cartilage of bones get damage due to wear and tear of the cartilage, the bones gets exposed, and that they rub over one another Causes bones to grind and giving extreme pain and swelling, Due to which the exposed bones cause acute pain to the person while moving the damaged joints. Over time, the joint may get an abnormal shape. The broken pieces of joints and bones also float within the cartilage space, causing extreme pain to the patient.

Due to the acute rubbing of broken or nonlubricated joints, the joints become stiff, painful and should also cause the loss of movement. It’s also observed that each of the joints in our body is in danger of osteoarthritis, but the joints of the knee, hand, hips, and spine are at risk of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis gradually becomes worse. As conventionally, there’s no cure for osteoarthritis for the repair of the damage caused due to the friction of bones. There’s some temporary treatment available like lifestyle changes, maintaining a healthy diet, weight loss for a healthy weight, physical activity. These fitness activities can treat the pain for temporary relief, but there’s no permanent cure in conventional methods.

Suitable Candidate for Stem cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis?

Patients having the following symptoms are suitable for Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis

  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Inability to maneuver joints
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Grating effect of bones
  • Bone spurs
stem cell therapy Osteoarthritis

How Does Stem cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis Work?

  • Unlike other types of disease, arthritis only affects the patient’s joints and not any internal body organ. However, arthritis occurs only in old ages now; each day, younger people are also developing occasionally thanks to the sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits. Joint injury is also an explanation for it.
  • As there’s no medical test to diagnose osteoarthritis, doctors use the medical record and, therefore, the symptoms for conformation of whether the patients have osteoarthritis, x-rays, biopsy, or other fluids of joints are examined to verify the osteoarthritis.
  • There is no permanent cure for osteoarthritis in conventional methods; the overall treatment includes exercise, weight loss, rest, and joint exercise are wont to relieve pain for some time.
  • But, in Stem cell therapy, the stem cells are known to possess various uses within osteoarthritis. The intra-infusion of mesenchymal stem cells completes the therapy into the knee or the joint affected by osteoarthritis. Using the newest proprietary ABC technology is often wont to regenerate the hyaline tissue and cartilage, reducing OSTEOARTHRITIS symptoms noticeably.
  • The regenerated cartilage and tissue will be ready to stop or gradually hamper the disorder’s progress and symptoms.

The Benefits of Stem cell Therapy Treatment for Osteoarthritis

  • Patients can feel the relief
  • Pain and stiffness are gone
  • There is not any restriction in movement
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mobility

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Cost of Stem cell Therapy Treatment for Osteoarthritis in India

Stem cell therapies have become very famous in past years, as the patients are exploring the most advanced alternative treatments for their diseases. More and more varieties of treatments are being proposed every day, and people around the world are choosing them and rejecting traditional regimens of drugs and clinic appointments. But, notwithstanding the large surge in requests for stem cell therapies, they remain to be very costly to try. Even single joint injections can cost nearly $8000 and more difficult treatments can rise to $100,000

depending on the condition. So, why are stem cell therapies so expensive?

Stem cell therapy cost can be affected by:

  • The type of stem cells used
  • Where the treatment is being done
  • If the cells have been culturally expanded
  • If the cells are ethically sourced, viable & regulated
  • Where the lab is inhabited (for cell expansion)

It is also beneficial to note that the cost of stem cell therapy will vary depending on the type of stem cell treatment needed. Stem cell therapy cost for knees treatment may differ from stem cell therapy cost for Osteoarthritis. The area and concern being treated should generally affect the cost of the associated procedure because different types of cells, cell counts, and treatment rules will be obliged. For example, an effective stem cell therapy treatment cost for CKD will be different than the cost of a site injection for a cosmetic procedure.

Yes, it does, and that is very reliant on the lab where the cells are acquired from, the total number of stem cells supplied, and the regulations the governing body places on the clinic. For example, stem cell therapy costs in the United States will differ from stem cell therapy costs in the U.K, Europe, and India. For example, Stem Cell Therapy Center India uses stem cells sourced from their associate lab in India. This means that Stem Cell Therapy Center India utilizes cells that are highly monitored by the Indian government.

From the logistics end of view, India holds an excellent geographical position, and therefore, it is very easy to reach India from any International Airport in the world. And the cost of stem cell therapy in India is significantly less, but the facilities are top-notch. The expert doctor performs therapy in our stem cell center situated in the Major cities of India.

The pricing of stem cell therapy treatment in India is around 70-90% less than what it would cost in other countries.

Success Rate of stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis in India

stem cell therapy Osteoarthritis

Given the advancements made in healthcare in India, the success rate for stem cell therapy in India is no different from that in any other developed country. There is about a 60% to 80% overall success rate in the treatment of stem cell therapy in India and worldwide. Though, success rates vary depending on the disease being treated, the medical facility conducting the therapy, and the patient’s condition. To receive a complete report, you will have to ask the medical institutes and request specific questions concerning the patient’s condition. But, with its cost benefits and enhanced success rate in given treatments, India poses to be the best place for Stem Cell therapy for all foreign patients.

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